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Couture By Design Presents

Passionate about your Brand by The Couture AgencyAs most of you know, The Couture Agency has a full service special events partner in Couture By Design™.  They ARE having a contest and GIVING AWAY a wedding consultant package in our upcoming September e-newsletter (http://designmyevent.net/Pages/Newsletters.html) .

We have receive numerous requests to manage and produce events for nonprofits, international governments, corporations, small businesses and others. Here is a sample video of what they have to offer:

More videos can be seen on our YouTube Channel at: www.youtube.com/coutureagency

The creative staff always makes events fun and unforgettable. Please stay tuned for more contest details.

You can fan Couture By Design on FACEBOOK at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Washington-DC/Couture-By-Design/45788729333?ref=nf

 If you have a request for an event please let us know. In the meantime, please leave us some feedback on the event video.

 Ciao ~ The Couture Team

Couture By Design at the House of Sweden

Couture By Design at the House of Sweden Washington DC Annual Green EventThe Couture Agency recently brokered an event at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC. The theme, “Living Green Masquerade” was a great success. More than 600 patrons came and dressed the part with Green costumes and masks, including our Vice President Ivy K. Pendleton.

House of Sweden Living Green Masquerade
Ivy K. Pendleton

Other patrons included diplomats and staff from the House of Sweden. As part of the Embassy program [Living Green] focused on climate, the environment and sustainable living. Original artwork adorned the venue as well as decor from Couture By Design™, our Special Events and Meetings Division. We added a foresty flair with life-sized images of forests and ferns in natural colors. The rest of the decor consisted of Bamboo, Large Hisbiscus trees, Natural burlap and linen fabric in shades of cream and green and stones.

Music was provided by DJ Gavin Holland (Nouveau Riche), and DJs Rehee and Shred. Other elements included artist exhibitions, a rooftop lounge, Design and other artistic expressions.

About the House of Sweden

House of Sweden
House of Sweden

The House of Sweden is a magnificant representation of the innovative Swedish architecture. There are waterfalls, ponds, retractable glass walls and on the lower level is an authentic Swedish cafe.

Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time and cannot wait until next year. You can be added to our complimentary guest list by signing up for an account on our website which only takes 30 sec. WE PROMISE!!!


December Holiday Blues

As a result of all things gone wrong, it seems that our economy has met a downward spiral. The holidays are here and I asked myself,  Why is everyone so glum?”

I conducted a poll and here are my findings: Some people were uncertain about employment or were unemployed. Some were “broke” and could not purchase Christmas gifts or travel to be with family. Some were depressed because their loved ones were off at war, their businesses were failing and the list continues.

I always spend the month of December reflecting on the year. One of my favorite past times is watching every animated Christmas cartoon that I can before Christmas. I remember when Americans lived a modest lifestyle where family was important and people bought more of what they needed and less of what they wanted. Happiness is defined in a lot of different ways, but in my opinion if Americans spent more time being grateful for what they have and less envious about what they do not have then happiness will come automatically.

Christmas should have never been commercialized. I think the true spirit of Christmas is and will always prevail so be happy and be merry.

-Ivy K. Pendleton, Publicist