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Celebration of Truth Campaign

Sojourner TruthThe most prominent Black woman in the United States is scheduled to unveil the Sojourner Truth Memorial at the United States Capitol building in Washington, DC on April 28. We are pleased to note that she is not only awesome, but did I mention A.W.E.S.O.M.E. The Couture Agency worked with the National Congress of Black Women (NCBW, Inc.) in the early stages of trying to get a bill passed through the US Congress to add Sojourner to the United States Capitol. When the bill was finally passed in 2006, the Celebration of Truth campaign began.

About the event:

DESCRIPTION: The most prominent black woman in the United States will unveil the Sojourner Truth statue in Washington, DC on April 28, 2009. Sojourner Truth will be the first African American woman to have a bust in the United States Capitol alongside suffragists Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Lucretia Mott . This event is by invitation only and media registration is required. Esteemed Actress Cicely Tyson will present “Ain’t I A Woman.” Recording Artists Lomax Spaulding, Yolanda Adams and Dorinda Clarke Cole will also participate.

    DATE: APRIL 28, 2009
    TIME: 11:00-Noon
    PLACE: United States Capitol Building, Washington, DC 20002

RSVP REQUIRED. You may contact Ivy K. Pendleton (ikp@thepublicists.com) to receive an invitation code if you are interested in attending. Attendance is at the discretion of the Office of the Speaker of the House and NCBW, Inc.

Couture Agency members may log-in to their account and register to attend the event. Non Couture Agency members can Create an account

Invitation is Subject to approval.