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Marketing Consultants: Helping You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Hire Marketing and PR Consultants at The Couture AgencyNearly everyone interfaces with some aspect of marketing each day. If you see a billboard and notice a brand, purchase a consumer product or even visit a website, you’ve been exposed…IT’S ALL MARKETING!

The best way to find out what your consumers think about your brand and your products is to ….ASK THEM! The process of predicting realistic goals include planning and strategy.  As marketing budgets shrink and consumer demands grow, successful marketing includes structured ideas and consumer participation.  With modern technology and the internet;  these goals should span both domestically and globally. In most small businesses, managers can easily modify goals by frequently revisiting their business and marketing plans.  Larger corporations have opted to hire outside marketing consultants.

Here are several key reasons why these companies are hiring outside marketing consultants:

  1. Marketing Consultants recognize the importance of the local and regional marketplace
  2. Marketing Consultants know the consumers and include them in every aspect of planning marketing goals, objectives and strategies
  3. The promotional marketing mix can include measurable results determined by dollars spent and the impressions left in varying target markets.
  4. Innnovative methods used by marketing consultants provides systematic tactics for a complete and effective effect of marketing channels, spending trends and customer satisfaction

For example, if a company wishes to expand or fortify business to business relationships, Relationship Marketing, where managers forge long-term relationships with customers and business partners, may be of interest.  They may hire a marketing consultant who specializes in one-on-one empowerment of personnel who can develop effective training programs. In developing this type of program, employees can learn how to treat the individual customer, offering a deeply personalized experience.

Other skilled marketing consultants are hired to focus on sales. Sales oriented marketing consultants’ primary focus is on the organizations goods and services and seeks to maximize the sales volume and increase profits. There is no focus on the consumer.

Target Marketing consultants who focus on the target “market” use an interconnected set of techniques aimed towards the customer needs  and superior value. Profits are gained though earned customer loyalty from specific groups of people.

With the ever changing concept of marketing, consultants use creative methods to learn more about the target market, which saves companies time and money. Marketing consultants provide research, strategy, quantitative analysis and an alternate approach to marketing which helps companies create pathways between products and consumers.

Suggested websites for more information and resources about hiring a marketing consultant:

The American Marketing Association provides marketing tips on advertising, free articles and more to help you get started. Visit the AMA website at:  www.marketingpower.com

Other resources are listed below.

  • eMarketing Association
    The eMarketing Association (eMA) provides education, certifications, seminars, research and relevant resources to the worldwide eMarketing community.