Pierre Edwards, "My 100 Homies & Phonies of Hollywood" Tell All Book

Pierre Edwards Tell All “My 100 Homies & Phonies of Hollywood”

Pierre Edwards, "My 100 Homies & Phonies of Hollywood" Tell All BookA client found us with some raggedy gossip Scoop. “Psst…I bet you can’t guess why Erykah Badu gave me a tip for a “Job well Done…” or “What HALLE BERRY said when she found that I had a wife and child…” I pondered, who is this? Intrigued, I prodded who IS T.H.I.S., really? The more he talked, the more I listened. Oh d*mn it’s PIERRE turned SNITCH Author.  If anyone would know what happens behind Hollywood’s closed doors it’s PIERRE. He introduced me to “My 100 Homies & Phonies of Hollywood,” a hilarious and sometimes serious book of recant of tabloid targets, Hollywood tastemakers and paparazzi favorites. From Hollywood heavyweights Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, comedy legends RICHARD PRYOR and BERNIE MAC to the queen of Messy herself, Talk Show host Wendy Williams – how bold, how spicy.

After nearly a ten year hiatus from the Hollywood scene PIERRE has hit the syndicated radio circuit running. From the Monique Show to the Rickey Smiley Radio Show to the ever funny Steve Harvey Morning Show where he was asked to play co-host in Steve Harvey’s absence to nearly 7 million morning listeners nationwide, we can safely say HE IS BAACCK. ! As our newest talent on the Couture Agency roster, I will serve as his personal publicist (Puhlease wish me L.U.C.K. ~ he’s a hand / mouth full.) For interviews, an electronic press kit or for PIERRE Edwards biography, email: media [at] thepublicists [dot] com or visit our corporate website at www.thepublicists.com (Talent and Speakers).